TSS LogoThe Stylish Standout is for women who weren’t made to fit in and the brands that want to connect with them. —Michael Jones, Founder

You may have the best ideas plus a sizable budget and robust team to execute your vision—and it still not be enough. Consider this: According to software company DOMO, In one minute:

➔ Over 3 million pieces of content will be posted and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined.
72 hours of new video content will be uploaded to YouTube.
➔ 50,000 apps will be downloaded by Apple users.
200 million emails will be sent and received.
$80,000 in online sales will be generated by Amazon.

In other words: To reach your audience, there’s more than enough chaos to cut through. The good news, though? It’s not impossible.

The Stylish Standout believes results in both crowded or underserved markets can be achieved with three commodities: clear, useful and friendly content that respects the reader’s intelligence; quality products and services that satisfy your community’s needs; and a team of well-trained employees-slash-brand-ambassadors to deliver your message to the masses.

With a diverse range of skills—cultivated in conservative corporate settings and expressive creative industries, at fledgling start-ups and legacy institutions—I’m equipped with the knowledge, experience, and ingenuity to meet you where you are to take you where you want to go.

Before you take your next step, check out the solutions I offer and read the site’s Blog that puts our point of view into action—then let’s connect: email me michael@thestylishstandout.com to request a media kit or gimme a shout on social @StylishStandout.