Michael-Jones---WP-headshotHey there!

For most of my early-adult life, I was discouraged to express myself through my personal style. People didn’t “get” why I preferred skinny pants (cropped precisely above the ankle, might I add) over more relaxed, baggier alternatives or why I mixed prints with such reckless abandon. While my skills were often affirmed—I aced performance reviews, earned a reputation as a hard-working go-getter with an infectiously optimistic personality—my style wasn’t, simply because I dared to use my style as a tool to non-verbally communicate my taste and appreciation for design to the world.

But here’s what I learned during the process: People can’t compartmentalize you, subjectively picking and choosing the aspects they jibe with and discarding the ones that disrupt their idea of how they think you should look and act. And in the same vein, you can’t compartmentalize yourself, only embracing the qualities that friends and colleagues are OK with, while downplaying your true passions and pursuits. You’re a whole entity, one that deserves to be celebrated in your totality not denigrated because you like to watch live streams of fashion shows in between client meetings or won’t stop until you find the perfectly fitting pencil skirt.

And after bemoaning my struggles to a few of my closest girlfriends, I realized they not only identified but also longed for a definitive resource that celebrated personal style, demystified fashion trends, took the guesswork out of shopping while arming them with actionable advice so help them stand out impactful ways.

So I created The Stylish Standout to be a constant reminder to career-minded women like you that you weren’t made to fit in—because I believe that everyone has something that makes them a Standout. And I’m here to help you amplify that “something” if you already know what it is, discover it if you don’t, and make sure you look damn good while you’re at it.

Hope you enjoy the site!


Founder, The Stylist Standout