Mingling with the audience after giving a talk, a snippet of which is at the bottom of this page.

Mingling with the audience after giving a talk, a snippet of which is at the bottom of this page.

Full disclosure: I love writing, editing, and consulting. The rush that comes when what started as an idea turns into an actual story? Indescribable.

But speaking is something that’s beyond words too. The opportunity to connect is an audience and share my experience and expertise—with the goal of immediately enriching their lives—reminds of me of how blessed I am to do this work.

And though I take you and your audience’s success seriously, I make sure we all have fun in the process.

So if you’re looking for a dynamic, inspiring, and quick-witted speaker to take typical professional development topics from mundane to marvelous, I can help.

With me, personal style is accessible, leadership is about actions not titles on business cards, and branding is more than hashtags and logos. I break it all down in simple but memorable terms and take your audience through the steps to take to create the life they’ve dreamed about.

And throughout, I weave in uplifting personal stories from my days as a fashion magazine assistant and editor, tweet-worthy gems that spark action, and just enough humor to keep your audience engaged and their eyes from glazing over.

Areas of Expertise

The Cornerstones of Style
Sure, a new batch of trends are ushered in each season, but the fundamentals of style endure time’s test. Through years of working in fashion, lots of trial and error, meticulous research, and a dollop of personal flair, I’ll help your audience hit the right fashionable note every time.

Networking Know-How
In hypercompetitive industries, it truly is about who you know and surrounding yourself with the right people. During this presentation, I home in on the cast of characters every Stylish Standout needs in her supporting cast—from the “Straight Shooter” and “Launch Pad” to the “Historian” and “Legacy”—and detail how to nurture each relationship along the way.

Leading The Troops
I know what it takes to build and lead a staff that works towards achieving measurable goals. And I have the experience of overseeing a team of remote editors located across the country and managing personnel in a corporate-driven office riddled with politics and dog-eat-dog colleagues. This talk focuses on the qualities all great leaders have and how to effectively manage the disparate personalities that make up your posse without losing sight of the big picture.

I’m also available to host in-person events, online Twitter chats, and participate on panel discussions.

Here’s a snippet from a recent panel I spoke on my journey in media and my advice on how to stay the course—even when you can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.