When people know you, they like you. And when people like you, they trust you. And when people trust you, they buy from you. Let the Stylish Standout develop a strategy, voice and content plan that grows your business’ revenue and reputation—because you weren’t made to fit in.

Brand Strategy

Your brand is what people say or think about you and your business when you’re not around. So your reputation and revenue relies on a well-designed brand strategy.

After an in-depth discovery phase where I get familiar with your business goals, I’ll build a plan that links who your customer is and where they’re at to where they want to go and how you can get them there.

Then he’ll develop messaging and optimize it for your core content channels so your audience is motivated to take action.

CAPABILITIES Brand development, positioning and implementation


Verbal Identity

People don’t buy products or services. They buy experiences.

And consumers unite around brands with values they can relate to, language that feels sincere and a voice that sounds like someone who belongs in their tribe. These details are dictated by your brand’s verbal identity.

It starts with a magnetic personality that makes it easy for your audience to say yes to you—and no to your competitors—and ends with a flexible framework that promotes consistent communication no matter the platform or the messenger.

CAPABILITIES Voice and language for websites, email campaigns, newsletters, e-commerce and social media



No matter your target consumer, here are a few certainties: They’re skeptical, they’re busy and they’re savvy. The good news is sensational sales copy breaks through those barriers.

But to turn cynics into customers and customers into brand loyalists, you need someone who knows the tricks, techniques and formulas that make people buy what you’re selling.

From website pages and digital marketing campaigns to product names and slogans, you’ll have have the luxury of sitting back and watching your messages translate into money in the bank.


CAPABILITIES Digital marketing (email newsletters and campaigns), e-commerce (product descriptions), branding (naming, taglines, slogans), training and development (style guides, brand books, product knowledge), social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)



Before a customer makes a purchasing decision, they’ll search for and consume between five to ten pieces of content on that particular topic.

(It’s true what they say: Out of sight, out of mind.)

Think of The Stylish Standout as your on-call editorial department, developing themes and creative concepts and packaging them into features, guides and snippets for your blog and social channels.

Not only will you educate your reader on your point of view and what your product or service has to offer, but you’ll grow your visibility thanks to higher search engine rankings.

If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is.

CAPABILITIES Blogging (editorial features, product announcements, company news, live-event recaps)


What People Are Saying…

“Get into the consumer’s head and be creative…”
“Michael is able to get into the consumer’s head and be creative from that perspective—and that’s not easy.”

—LEIGH BELZ RAY, Features and News Director, InStyle

“Presence and personality…”
“Michael doesn’t just give your work a voice—he brings a presence and personality to the atmosphere that pushes your brand towards excellence. His knowledge of the industry, focus on impact, and commitment to your end game is unmatched.”

—MELISSA KIMBLE, Founder, #blkcreatives

“Inspiration and advice that speaks to you, not at you.”
“Editorially, The Stylish Standout bridges the gap between what brands need and what business leaders and side-hustlers are looking for. Michael brings up-and-coming brands to the audiences that yearn for them in a seamless and authentic way, something that isn’t always delivered so effortlessly. And young professionals can find the inspiration and advice that speaks to them—not at them.”

—CHRISTINE CAUTHEN, Lead Editor, Blavity

“His clients and their brands are at the center.”
“Michael’s a tastemaker that really has a passion for cultivating lifestyle content. By combining his expert knowledge, amazing attention to process and ongoing support, you will get results— guaranteed. I’d recommend Michael to anyone serious about expanding their brand; he truly cares not only about the content but he puts his clients and their brands at the center.”

—DREW-SHANE DANIELS, Content Strategist

“Unfailingly on top of it all…”
“The Stylish Standout’s Blog is my go-to to find out what’s going on in the industry. Michael is unfailingly on top of it all. No exaggeration.”

—RACHEL GLICKSBERG, New York-based Fashion/Retail Professional