What is The Stylish Standout?
The Stylish Standout is a a multimedia business for brands and professionals who weren’t made to fit founded by Michael Jones, a New York-based writer, editor, consultant, speaker, style expert. Through editorial content and branding and marketing solutions, TSS is all about helping you find personal fulfillment through style, at work, and in life. 

How do I know if I’m a Standout?
If you believe in yourself and your desire to create the life you want for yourself (and are willing to work for it!) while helping others along the way and looking good in the process, guess what? You’re a Standout.

And if you subscribe to the notion that you’re advanced enough to handle Prada and politics or careers and Comme des Garçons in one space, then you’re definitely a Standout. Check out Michael’s thoughts on what it means to be a Standout here.

What’s special about The Stylish Standout’s Blog?
Standout Stories, The Stylish Standout’s Blog, exists for only one reason: To empower style-minded professionals like you to use the fashion you wear, the work you do, and the life you lead to get what you want. The Blog bring that mission to life through a dynamic mix of editorial content, including shopping features, personal essays, practical lists, and profiles of women in fashion, business, and media.

The Blog’s secret sauce is our friendly, positive, helpful, inviting, yet in-the-know voice. You’re drowning in information and starving for knowledge. So Standout Stories fill that void by highlighting what to buy, try, and wear, and sharing the success secrets of inspiring women in an authentic, relatable, you-can-sit-with-us kind of way. The outcome is an enjoyable, inviting, and sharp reading experience that serves a global audience eager to live a meaningful life after the clothes—and feel beautiful in the process.

Sounds cool. But why should TSS be my go-to style and professional development resource?
If the other fashion sites in your media diet are rest stops on the road trip, think of The Stylish Standout as the final destination—a place where you can discover new people, places, things and ideas and figure out how they fit into your everyday life.

Plus, we respect you enough to be ruthless in our reporting, writing and editing, but not at the expense of talking down at you instead of with you. Every editorial decision is made with you at the top of the list.

OK, so why is personal style so important? And will I be taken less seriously in professional settings if I dress in a modern, elevated way?
Personal style has so much to do with confidence and confidence has so much to do with leadership. We think it’s easier to understand trends and enjoy the shopping experience when you have context for how style can fit into your life. We all have to get dressed, so why not wear clothes in a way that represents the best version of yourself? After all, being well put-together can make you a stronger leader and businesswoman, which can help in areas ranging from productivity, salary negotiation, networking and team-building.

Also, fashion is a gateway topic now. People care about what celebrities are wearing. Women want to look as good as they feel. Pop culture embraces personal style. The cues from the runway seamlessly interact with those from the street to influence how we put ourselves together each day.

Gotcha. So how do you choose products to feature on the site?
There are three standards that guide our selection process:

  • Is it useful? We don’t cover trends or brands because they’re new or popular. We make sure our product recommendations can work in your actual life.
  • Is it shoppable? There’s nothing worse than seeing something but not being able to immediately get it. You won’t experience that let-down because we make sure the product is available for purchase and link you to where to buy it within the post.
  • Is it a standout? You probably already own a basic A-line skirt, but a leather A-line skirt with metal rings above the hem? (It exists, we promise!) We naturally gravitate to products with unique, modern twists to always keep you ahead of the curve.

Do you receive compensation for recommendations?
We often request and receive samples of products for editorial consideration. But if a brand partners with us on sponsored content, we will explicitly disclose it within the post. Paid or not, rest assured: if something is featured on the site, it’s something that we absolutely love and think you will too. We don’t take your trust in our editorial integrity for granted. We also work with businesses on non-editorial projects too. Brands interested in working together can email michael@thestylishstandout.com.