TSS Strategy Session HeroIf you’ve landed on this page, I’m certain of this: You’ve already got what it takes to make a difference in your audience’s life. But when you have what seems like only a nanosecond to capture their attention and build your case, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

I know a thing or twenty about this relentless competition for attention. From my stint as a corporate trainer, where I got to design and facilitate content that connected with increased efficiency and cut costs, to my days as a fashion editor at Condé Nast translating tricky trends into understandable style advice for a global audience, I realized that the messenger is just as important as the message itself.

In other words: Targeting, positioning, and branding tactics alone aren’t enough. Today’s influential fashion and lifestyle brands also have a wild card: Communicators and marketers with intangibles like passion, attention to detail, and singular expertise. The Stylish Standout possesses a dynamic mix of all of the above.

And since your success is too critical for me to simply rest on a few hundred words of rosy rhetoric, I’m here to offer free 20-minute strategy session to help you optimize your next project for maximum impact. Once you sign up for your no-cost session, you’ll receive:

  • An introductory email outlining what to expect from the session and time/date/contact confirmation;
  • A 20-minute phone, FaceTime or Skype call tailored to the specific areas of opportunity you selected during your sign-up;
  • A follow-up email recap of the top three highlights/actionables from the session and recommendations on your next steps.

Plus, I’ll also include a free downloadable PDF guide that details how you can schedule your time to take all areas of your life—not just your business or brand—to the next level.

Ready to boost your bottom line, customer engagement, and brand evangelism—and reduce those demoralizing close-but-no-cigar moments? Reserve your complimentary strategy session below. Because your time is now.