My question-answering secret weapon: a Snapchat-inspired flower crown.

My question-answering secret weapon: a Snapchat-inspired flower crown.

“Independence is an illusion.”

That’s one of my favorite phrases because it’s so true. People need people. Pals you can trust to help you through life’s inevitably tricky moments are a necessity.

I’ve been there. And I’m #blessed to have a network of friends, family, mentors, and colleagues to bounce my conundrums off at a moment’s notice. Guess what? With Answers, now you do too.

What is Answers?

Answers is a weekly series in which I respond to questions about personal style, branding, and business—informed from my experiences as a print and digital magazine editor, retail manager, corporate trainer, and most recently, entrepreneur.

The format is modeled after “Ask Michael,” a weekly style column I wrote when I was a fashion editor at the now-defunct LuckyShops (#LuckyBoy4Life) that routinely earned real estate atop AOL’s homepage.

Each week, I’ll select two questions from social media, email, or smoke signal (plus a Reader’s Choice the TSS community votes on via poll) and answer them on The Stylish Standout’s Blog. Some responses will include quotes from influencers, designers, or business folks (aka #friendsofTSS). On certain occasions, Answers will feature a special guest who’ll lend their know-how to all three questions. (Cool, huh?)

At the end of each edition, I’ll turn the tables and ask you a question to keep the discussion poppin’ until the next week. And for you podcast lovers, audio versions of each Answers installment will be available via Soundcloud.

Who is Answers for?

If you’re a professional in pursuit of fulfillment through style, at work, and in life, then Answers is for you.

From intel on the designer everyone’s going to be talking about next-next season to what to wear after the first day at your new job (‘cause I know you’ve already got day one handled!) to how to position your brand so it attracts your desired outcome, there’s no style, business or branding question that’s out of bounds.

Need hints on how to do more at work with less everything (time, money, staff)? I got your back. Are you a new leader looking to sharpen your emotional intelligence? Again, been there, done that.

All that’s left for you to do is ask. I’ll handle the rest.

Wanna Know More?

The people who ask for help are the ones that realize they’re deserving of it in the first place. After all, you don’t get a gold medal for attempting to tackle this crazy life on your own.

I’ve learned from some of the best in the business—including Instagram’s Eva Chen, InStyle’s Leigh Belz Ray, Marie Claire’s Caryn Prime, and Club Monaco’s Amanda Keiser—and my way of paying it forward is by making myself available to you whenever you need me.

I’m pretty experienced in the advice-giving game too. In addition to my previously mentioned “Ask Michael” style column, I was the go-to guy during his time as a corporate trainer when my students needed pointers on how to make their processes more efficient. And while I won’t show you my iMessages (my friends would kill me!), I’m often a de facto stylist, personal shopper, brand consultant, and career coach—all in one.

How to Submit a Question

Send your style, branding, and business questions @StylishStandout on Twitter using the hashtag #AnswersTSS. Be sure to follow me so you’ll know when I’ve responded (and see my replies to other questions from women just like you). And if you’d prefer a bit more privacy, my Direct Messages are open on Twitter. Oh, one more thing: if 140 characters aren’t enough, you can always email me at