I’m Michael. My fancy title is copywriter, brand strategist, and founder of The Stylish Standout. And as you can see in this picture, I’m also too tall to fit into Instagram’s famous Mini Conference Room.

I started The Stylish Standout in 2013 while I was a Dallas-based corporate trainer. Back then, I had my sights set on New York City and the fashion magazine world. But since I lacked contacts or on-the-job experience, I used this space as an portfolio of sorts, full of trend reports, shopping guides and fashion news to show I had what it took to be an editor.

After I got laid off from my trainer gig, I relocated from Dallas to NYC in six days. Four months later I got an entry-level, $8-an-hour assistant job at my dream magazine. In less than a year, I worked my way up to digital style editor and eventually earned a weekly fashion column.

Once the magazine closed, I grew tired of companies laying me off. So I decided to go relaunch The Stylish Standout as a branding and copywriting studio for fashion, luxury, lifestyle, tech and e-commerce brands and more. (It’s worked out pretty well since.)

Cool story, but you’re wondering: How can I help you?

Thanks for asking!

You have ideas, ambition and determination. But it feels like something is missing.

That something? An inspiring brand story. And a voice that quickly (and authentically) communicates with your target audience.

My clients turn to me to develop brand strategy and write creative copy to help you deliver a well-crafted story that connects with your target decision-makers and ignites instant action.

By now, you’re probably thinking, But Michael, we live in a meme-driven, GIF-obsessed culture. Not to mention, attention spans are short. Plus, two out of three people are visual learners.

And you’re right.

That’s why you can’t miss the mark when it comes to your verbal identity. Because while visuals attract, words convert.

Ready to say it with your words? Create income through impact? Increase your influence? Thank goodness. The world’s been waiting for what you have to offer.

I’d love to be your brand whisperer and copy companion on your way there. Let’s do this.

But first, grab these free resources

There are gazillions of articles, e-books and guides on brand strategy, verbal identity and copywriting. You don’t have time to sift through search engines to learn the fundamentals. Skip the frustrating Googling and fast-track your transformation with some of my most valuable advice instead.

1) Intro To Personal Branding: Everything You Need To Know To Craft An Inspiring Brand Story

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3) 52 Short Sentences On Finding Your Brand Voice

4) 32 Short Sentences On Telling Irresistible Stories

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By now, you realize how much I love what I do. But it’s only because I get to work with people like you. (I didn’t try to rhyme on purpose, I promise!) I hope you keep coming around. The door’s always open.