Wanna know how I found out about the job eventually got me into the impenetrable fashion industry? Perfect. Grab a snack and settle in for story time—I promise, it’s gonna be good.

Two Octobers ago, someone I met through this very site posted a message LinkedIn: “Lucky [magazine] is looking for a fashion assistant. Send me your résumé if you’re interested.”

I could hardly believe it. Just four months prior, I’d moved to New York City to work in magazines. But not just any magazine. I wanted to work at Lucky under then-editor Eva Chen and the team she’d built after taking over the reins.

Off my résumé went and less than 10 minutes later, I was asked to come in for an interview. Then another interview. Then reference checks. Then, the rest, as they say, was history. I officially became a Lucky Boy.

To some, this may all seem serendipitous—I mean, how could I happen to be on LinkedIn at the time that someone I knew who worked at the magazine I wanted to work at posted a job opening, right?

But for me, it wasn’t fortuitous. It was a manifestation of what I’d be speaking into the atmosphere in the months prior.

You see, when I first moved to NYC, I would often take the 2-Train downtown to the Times Square—42nd Street Station and walk a couple of blocks over to the Condé Nast Building and declare, “I’m going to work here one day.”

I shared this story at a panel discussion last August hosted by my church’s Young Adult organization. The audience was mostly young professionals hungry to make an industry change, start a business, or climb to the next level in their current field.

During my talk, I warned them not to be excessively consumed with work ethic, productivity hacks, or business plans. Because Standouts possess something those who would rather comfortably fit in don’t. To unlock the door to higher possibilities, I needed an intangible I couldn’t learn in the classroom or in professional development seminars. It’s one word, eight letters: audacity. And I promise you have it too.

“You don’t have to explain to anybody why your dream is your dream,” I told the audience during the panel. “It doesn’t have to make sense to anybody. Because if you’re up to something big, it won’t make sense to people [or] they would be doing too.”

I remember when I would tell friends about my almost-daily jaunts to make my declaration. I was often met with snickers, eye-rolls and exasperated responses. And in that moment, I discovered the only repellent to people’s skepticism is your audacity to keep pushing towards your dreams anyway.

I knew I had what it took to be a magazine editor. I understood the industry inside-out, had built a robust network of contacts, and had clips to demonstrate my writing talent. All I needed was the opportunity. And it was the audacity to boldly speak that opportunity into existence that changed the trajectory of my life.

Not everyone’s going to get why you care so much about that one thing that keeps you up at night, causes you to rise early in the morning, and is so important you’d probably do it for free. But all of that matters less when you have enough audacity to believe your goal is worth the time, energy, and resource you invest in it. Audacity prevails even when you don’t have evidence that Plans A, B, C through G are going to work out.

“Fortune favors the bold,” Eva often tells me. And she’s right. You can take this Lucky Boy’s word for it.



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