Taylor Swift’s Latest Look Takes Us Back To Geometry Class

It was color galore in New York City on Wednesday when Taylor Swift decided to step out and show us another aspect of her fashion side.

Believe it or not, the singer was leaving a workout when she appeared on the NYC streets and gave fans, photogs and admiring passers-by plenty of colors and shapes. Taylor’s dress is all one piece, the Eero Dress from Novis’ Spring-Summer collection. The dress features a crop top and high-waisted skirt combo that is decked out in geometric shapes in blues, pink, white and black, with a sheer layer draped over it. The skirt is three layers, which gives it more movement, and the amount of skin shown in just the right places is just so very Taylor.

But Taylor wouldn’t let this dress be the only piece that gets attention. The dark teal Rossellini bag she carries retails for nearly $5,000 and is probably roomy enough to fit her used workout outfit. The singer and The Giver actress seals it all with a vibrant red lip.

Photo: Fashion Inspired By Happier Days/Tumblr