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Lorde looks to lend her savvy ear to the Hunger Games' musical selections. Photo: Billboard

Lorde looks to lend her savvy ear to the Hunger Games’ musical selections. Photo: Billboard

MOVIES: While all of you Hunger Games fans out there eagerly await part one of the trilogy’s final installment, be comforted in knowing that the soundtrack is going to be killer. 17-year-old music superstar Lorde has been named the “sole curator” for the movie’s soundtrack and will record its lead single. [The Guardian]

BEAUTY: Drew Barrymore is the new face and creator of a fragrance campaign for Wal-Mart, a part of her Flower beauty brand featured in the store. Among the three new scents are “Cherish”, “Radiant” and “Sultry”, each corresponding with emotions felt throughout the course of a day. [WWD]

CELEBRITY: I’m not going to lie, I was a little heartbroken to see Portugal knocked out of the world cup this summer, because that meant no more Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe that’s un-American of me, but after you take a look at him on the cover of the latest Men’s Health, can you really blame me? [E!]

ADVERTISING: Nars released images of their fall campaign for the Nars Audacious Lipstick collection, shot by photographer and founder of the brand, François Nars. As a part of their 20th anniversary, actress Charlotte Rampling stars in the campaign. Nars claims that “she has an amazing power to encompass a character.” [WWD]

BUSINESS: The career-boosting website LinkedIn has had a major increase in their revenue over the course of the year, with their total revenue going up from $364 million in 2013 to $534 million in 2014. 60 percent of this increase came from the United States, and ad sales rose 44 percent. [AdWeek]

MUSIC: Taking a break from his usual macho man persona, Vin Diesel sang Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” during an interview with London’s Capital FM. His cover of the chart-topping hit even earned him a tweet from Sam Smith himself. [People]

HEALTH: Researchers believe there to be a link between birth control pills and a higher risk for breast cancer. Although this connection has been made before, recent research has found it to be true yet again, providing more confirmation. However, it is influenced by the pills with high estrogen levels; the low estrogen pills have not made much of a difference. [TIME]

POLITICS: President Obama’s effectiveness with his foreign policy promises seem to have hit a plateau, with voters remarking on the little progress he has made in other countries. This could mean serious success for Republicans looking to control Congress this fall. [ABC News]

GLOBAL: Researchers have the information and resources necessary to create a vaccine for the Ebola virus that is spreading across African nations, so why haven’t they put it to good use? A Tulane professor explains the economics behind the vaccination and why these researchers aren’t likely to put tons of money behind it. [Vox]

TECHNOLOGY: The restaurant rating and recommendation app Foursquare has added a new feature called “expertise” for users to gain credibility for their ratings and advice. When fellow users like or save and individual’s comments, he or she will gain points in their “expert” status bar. Eventually racking up enough points, they will be listed as an “expert” in particular restaurant categories. Bon Appétit! [Gigaom]