Diane von Furstenberg Brings Luxe to the Masses With Her Fashion Jewelry Line

It seems only natural that the constantly bejeweled fashion giant Diane von Furstenberg would launch a costume jewelry line, which is exactly what she’s done. After more than 30 years, the designer is returning to fashion jewelry through collaboration with Haskell Jewels.

This upcoming fashion collection will include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings at prices ranging from $68-628. “I need to be able to make jewelry that people can afford that doesn’t compromise on the quality and design,” explains von Furstenberg.

She currently has a high-end jewelry line, DvF by H. Stern, but those pieces go up to $100,000. Her goal with this new line is to make affordable options that correspond with her luxury jewelry items. So there will be a $200 and $28,000 bracelet in a similar style, giving her customers options and bringing in new clients.

And von Furstenberg’s collaboration with Haskell is nothing to sneeze at. It features standout items like knitted chain style bracelets, inspired by the iconic DvF jersey dress. The jewelry will mainly be made out of gold, but there will also be some embossed leather and bright colors like turquoise, coral and hot pink in the mix.

The line will launch to excited shoppers in DvF boutiques and select retailers next February.

Photo: John Aquino