Dior Released a Video to Show What All Goes Into Making These $1,250 Sneakers

You know a street trend is huge when the luxury brands get behind it. And one of the most recent examples of this notion is high fashion’s obsession with sneakers.

The difference though is that while mass brands offer wearable styles at affordable price points, designer labels tend to sale theirs at exorbitant values that make you question the future of humanity.

These bejeweled sneakers made their debut at Dior's spring 2014 couture show. Photo: Style

These bejeweled sneakers made their debut at Dior’s spring 2014 couture show. Photo: Style

But Dior is out to prove that there is a method to its madness and that the price tag for their Fusion sneakers, which appeared on the label’s spring couture runway back in January.

They retails at a whopping $1,250 and comes in five different styles altogether. And in the video below, you’ll see the cycle of the shoe’s design — from sketch and the construction of the sneaker’s wooden sole to the machine-engraved Dior logo on the side and sequined mesh finish, which adds the bling-bling effect that the brand hopes will appeal to consumers.

From a marketing perspective, it’s a savvy move: Pull back the curtain and show consumers that the four-figure price tag is worth it because of the craftsmanship that goes into not just our ready-to-wear separates or couture gowns, but also a pair of sneakers. But practically, the shoe isn’t all that chic. And perhaps it’s simply because we’re partial to the sleeker styles of the season with less bells and whistles and a more understated sensibility.

Check out the video before and let us know what you think about the sneakers in the comments section.


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