Converse Turns to Missoni’s Signature Zig-Zag Print In Another Collaboration

An American classic just got another an Italian twist, and we couldn’t be happier.

Converse is rolling out their fall All Star Missoni Collection that offers their kicks with the Italian brand’s influence. The two labels are no strangers to each other. They’ve been teaming up since 2010 for designs in limited edition collections. But this time around, the two are partnering on the designs of First String, a premium limited edition collection by Converse.

The designs include zig-zag prints in color schemes such as black and white, black and teal, and multicolor on both high and low-top styles for men and women. Prices will range from $85 to $100 when they launch at Nordstrom on Aug. 4, and at Converse stores and online Aug. 28.

We love Converse and Missoni’s drive to make pieces with high-fashion elements more obtainable to consumers. Brands such as Dior have shown their sneakers for the fall, but with Converse being more of a household name, we’re sure these shoes will make it on more than a few back-to-school lists.