BUY, TRY, WEAR: Stylish <And Flattering Ankle-Skimming Trousers

By this time in the summer, we’re all starting to think about transitioning our wardrobes into fall (Exhibit A: here). But autumn always seems so far away, and since the September issues are slowly starting to trickle out (have you seen Lady Gaga’s Bazaar cover yet?!), we’ve been short on shopping and styling inspiration lately.

Luckily, these fitted, ankle-skimming trousers from Zara are the perfect solution. They’re made out of neoprene, which is an of-the-moment fabric that will keep you warm when the weather turns chilly –– plus, the material is incredibly soft and comfortable, so you’ll never have to wiggle into these trousers in the morning.

And with the playful, floral print will be sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Play it up with a white button-up and pumps or cool it down with some trendy platform sandals and a crop top.

Pleated Neoprene Trousers, $59.90 at Zara.