10 Standout Etsy Shops For Every Personal Style Imaginable

If you’re concerned about fair trade, hate going into stores for clothes or just like handmade items, Etsy could be your next fashion destination. While most people tend to think of it as a craft-only site, there are scads of Etsy shops that are dedicated to trendy accessories, clothes and shoes.

Not only are these shops more unique than your typical chain store, but they often have better-quality products than the factory-made clothes that we often buy from our retail favorites.

But what kinds of products are we talking, exactly? Don’t worry; there’s nothing make out of muslin or held together with hot glue on this list. We’ve rounded up the best shops based on different style preferences:

» For the boho (think Urban Outfitters): SIMKA SOL
» Why you’ll love it:
If you can’t get enough of quirky prints, crop tops with eagles on them or cactus leggings, this shop is for you. Not only is there a wide variety of products to choose from, but the prices are reasonable, too.
» The Standouts:  

THE SHOPPER: Boho Fashion Festival Crop Top, $29. Cat-a-Lope Cardigan, $49. Nyala High-Waisted Pencil Skirt in Sea Blue, $42.

» Why you’ll love it: You will fall in lust with this shop if you have an affinity for bright prints, shift dresses and loud patterns. We can’t get over the crazy lines and crazier colors.
» The Standouts:

THE SHOPPER: The Wavy Boxy Dress, $95. The Tiny Houses Print Shift Dress, $125. The Poppy Peony Print Midi Skirt, $85. The Wavy Foldover Clutch, $30.

» For the old soul (think Modcloth or Anthropologie): FLEET COLLECTION
» Why you’ll love it: Lace, Peter Pan collars and A-line skirts –– oh my! Everything in this shop looks like it stepped out of the ‘40s, and we’re not complaining. Each product is handmade with love in Los Angeles.
» The Standouts:

THE SHOPPER: Provence Blush Fit & Flare Dress, $68. Madeline Sage Mint Green Dress, $68. Holly Golightly Dress in Mustard, $68.

» Why you’ll love it: All we have to say about this shop is this: don’t get us started on these detachable Peter Pan collars.
» The Standouts:

THE SHOPPER: Peter Pan Collar Triangle Stripes, $31. Peter Pan Collar Minty Static Rain, $31.

» For the minimalist (think J. Crew or Gap): KNOCK KNOCK LINEN 
» Why you’ll love it: All of these clothes are handmade out of –– you guessed it –– linen, making them breezy, light and perfect for the end of summer. While the colors are pretty basic, they will look great paired with a brighter print or accessory.
» The Standouts:

THE SHOPPER: Grey Linen Buttoned Dress, $192. Grey Melange Linen Jersey Top, $119. Drop Crotch Linen Pants, $130.

» Why you’ll love it: This accessory shop makes beautiful, understated yet elegant earrings and bracelets. If you don’t like high maintenance earrings or bracelets that don’t jangle when you move your hand, you’ll love this artisan shop.
» The Standouts:

THE SHOPPER: Minimalist Solid Gold or Sterling Silver Graphic Bar Stud Earrings, $25. Minimalist Gold Triangle Cuff Bracelet, $75.

» For the fashion-forward girl (think American Apparel or Topshop): LANIE LYNN VINTAGE
» Why you’ll love it: This shop is based in Brooklyn and has the most amazing earrings we ever did see. Their prices are steep, but the rave reviews show that it’s worth the investment.
» The Standout:

THE SHOPPER: Lapis Ear Jackets, $98.

» Why you’ll love it: This shop’s Israeli designer, Shani Mifano, designs and makes all of the shoes with her husband in their studio in Tel-Aviv (um, adorable much?). Their products are expensive, but they are worth the price.
» The Standout:

THE SHOPPER: Amy Milk Wooden Clogs, $160.

» Why you’ll love it: This shop is based in Paris (if that tells you anything), and although it only has a few products, each one is amazing. The designers, Laura Bihl and Betsabé Valencia, collaborate on each piece, and they have only gotten five-star reviews.
» The Standout:

THE SHOPPER: High Waisted Short, $125.

» Why you’ll love it: Although most of these items are vintage, they have a surprisingly fresh and cutting-edge look to them. This shop, which is based in California, has been covered by Lucky and Glamour, so you know their products are good.
» The Standouts:

THE SHOPPER: Mad Jack Crop Top, $45. Sage Green Baggy Suede Leather Harem Pants, $195. To Tame a Land Assymetric Linen Reconstructed Dress, $75. Santa Anna Winds Linen Top, $65.


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