Social Media Prenups: The Latest Trend Against Post-Breakup Revenge Leaks

Likes, retweets, reblogs and snapchats are making the “keep a happy relationship” struggle all too real. Maybe you should consider that social media prenup for the future. That’s right. Social media prenup.

According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, social media is now a reason for the break-up of 80 percent of divorcing couples. A social media prenup will set some guidelines to avoid this. In these prenups, there could be financial consequences for unflattering photos, limits set to Facebook usage and bans on any photos or information that could damage one’s reputation.

Does this all sound extra to you? Well, British Marie Claire reminded us of the makeup-less photo then-husband Russell Brand snapped and shared of then-wife Katy Perry in 2010. Katy wasn’t having it and the photo was deleted shortly after. We know these incidents happen in and outside of marriages. Even 21-year-old Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy had racy photos leaked earlier this year — photos leaked by someone who she says was the only other person who had them.

According to Marie Claire, someone already won $50,000 because their spouse violated their agreement on social media use. It seems like some understanding could keep the need for a social media prenup from ever happening, but in this day and age, perhaps you can never be too sure.

What do you think about social media prenups, Standouts?