Have Copycat Counterfeit Websites Scammed You?

Look closely: The Beats by Dre website on the right is the counterfeit website. Photo: ABC News

We’ve all been there, online shopping on a big brand name website and after surfing through endless pages you find the perfect handbag and dress that is both cost efficient and stylish. But have you ever experienced never receiving your purchases, even though you are 100 percent sure you were on the company’s website?

It’s getting harder to tell which sites are real and fake as counterfeiters are scamming consumers with elaborate websites that are identical to the real company sites. These fake websites have similarities in everything from the company logo to the navigation bar and the products for sale.

The next time you find yourself online shopping, the quickest way to tell if it’s real or fake according to Lev Kubiak, head of the Intellectual Property Rights Center is to, ““look at the manufacturer’s website. Take a look at where these companies say their products are distributed.”

For more information on counterfeit websites, tune in to “To Catch a Fake” on ABC News’ “20/20″ on Friday, June 13 at 10 p.m. ET. –Rebecca Lirio