Click These: Links to Today’s Standout Stories


Emma Watson. Photo: BuzzFeed

Emma Watson. Photo: BuzzFeed

Suit Up: These 33 beautiful women prove suits aren’t just for men anymore. [BuzzFeed]

C U L8r: Text messages can seem as if they have their own made up language but a recent study has shown the abbreviations and chat jargon used in everyday texting can help children’s spelling and grammar. [BBC News]

Kardashian Blues: Rob hasn’t had a great year and after storming out of Kim and Kanye’s wedding the question on everyone’s mind is where did it all go wrong? [Page Six]

Sugar Rush: A daily bar of chocolate sounds delicious but unfortunately, a recent study has shown that this little treat can cause adult acne and spots. [Grazia Daily]

Expect Bright Colors: Bottega Veneta has released a promo of their early fall collection by Axel Lindahl. The collection is describes as an “experiment in construction, deconstruction and reconstruction.” [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Q&A with Grace Choi: Creating a 3D printer for make-up was the easy part, now Choi hopes to revolutionize how the world perceives the beauty industry and diversity. [NY Mag]

How to Smartphone: True quality time with friends and family is hard to come by with so many distractions coming from your phone but these five simple steps show you how to create better smartphone habits. [Huffington Post] –Reporting by Rebecca Lirio