Macy’s Stands With Human Rights Campaign On the Right Side of History

In celebration of June’s National Pride Month, Macy’s and the Human Rights Campaign have teamed up again for the Pride + Joy campaign that brings new merchandise to the store in select areas across the U.S.

The department store proves again that there is always room to support a cause through fashion. The Human Rights Campaign merchandise will display the slogans “Everyone — Everywhere” and “I Stand on the Right Side of History.” The shirts and accessories will be sold in cities such as Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, San Francisco, California and St. Louis, Missouri. All of the proceeds will go to HRC efforts.

“Not only are we able to support the LGBTQ community through festive celebrations and community initiatives,” William Hawthorne, senior vice-president, Diversity Strategies and Legal Affairs at Macy’s, Inc., said, “but we are also giving back through our long-standing support of the Human Rights Campaign, as well as the support we provide to local organizations that are making a difference in this community.”

The merchandise will be available throughout the month. Macy’s will also have in-store events and will participate in 23 pride events.

Creative Director of the HRC Don Kiser says Macy’s “proudly stands with us on the right side of history as we remain fully committed to bringing full equality to everyone, everywhere.”

Photo: Business Insider


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