BUY, TRY, WEAR: If You’re Going TO Buy A Pair Of Birkenstocks, Make It These


Birkenstock is a brand that has been around since 1773 and the bedrock of the label’s shoe offerings is comfort. With such longevity, they’ve amassed a number of loyal fans. Notorious for being associated with lesbians, granola girls or the hippie-reefer smoking dude upstairs in your apartment building, with the assistance from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and celebrities alike, the well-soled shoes are making a comeback. Oh, and #Normcore may have something to do with the revival.

They’re easy when you’re going around the corner for coffee, and now you can dress them up too. Many new styles and colors have been designed since the brand’s resurrection, and perhaps of most importance: Birkenstocks are reasonably priced. That hasn’t stopped designers at Marni, Givenchy and Céline from reinterpreting the old favorite and cranking up the price significantly.

Who knows if the trend will come and go as quickly as acid-washed jeans? And while I’m not particularly keen on following at fads (I am an editor at a site all about standing out, after all), but I’m inclined to go out and buy a pair. They remind me of third grade and they’re comfortable as hell. My eyes have certainly landed on the white patent leather Birkenstock sandals.  After wearing nothing but oxfords, boots and tennis shoes over the last number of months, my toes are ready to see the sunlight. How about you?

White patent “Arizona” sandal, $120 at Birkenstock USA.


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