Whether you’re a fashion obsessive, casual observer of the industry, ambitious careerist looking to take the next step at work or culture fiend with a nose for the news, The Stylish Standout has something for you:

NEWS: Few industries blend art and commerce the way fashion does and we cover it all — brand collaborations, emerging and established designers and fashion media happenings with a singular, sophisticated voice that keeps you in step with a relentless news cycle that moves at nanosecond speed.

ECONOMICS: It’s not enough to just be on the pulse of pop culture these days. Watercooler conversations, dinner parties and first dates are now open terrain for conversations about current affairs. The stories in Intelligence delve into how business, politics and social issues influence our access to money, power, goods and services. You’ll come away plugged in and prepared to lead the conversation, no matter the topic.

STYLE: Consider this section a catalog of the runway and street cues influencing the way we present ourselves to the world. From and edit of the designer trends on the horizon to our daily She’s a Standout celebrity style column, you’ll come away with ideas to rethink your already-existing wardrobe and make smart purchases when you’re out shopping.

SHOPPING: We carefully curate our roundups and recommendations to bring you the best from fashion’s wide-ranging market, striking an ideal balance between quality and quantity (emphasis on the former). You’ll always find practical pieces at accessible price points mixed in with designer splurges from our favorite contemporary labels that elevate your wardrobe both now and in the years to come.

BEAUTY: We’re firm believers that when you look good, you feel good too. That’s why our beauty coverage uncovers new products to try, clues you in to the tricks industry experts swear by and breaks down how to create the looks of the moment yourself.

LIFE: In short, stories within this section are focused on love and happiness. From careers coverage — whether you’re navigating Corporate America or swimming in the entrepreneurial seas — to relationship, wellness and lifestyle tips, with us as your guide, you’ll never be at a loss of ideas for your life on and off the clock.

AFTER THE CLOTHES: Your go-to source for entertainment previews, reviews, reaction and recommendations.

BUY THIS ONE THING: We see a myriad of new merchandise on a daily basis and sorting through it to find the diamonds in the rough is quite the task. The result though is our daily “Buy This One Thing” series that features an editor-approved pick that is worthy of our endorsement and your hard-earned dough. Think of it as an ever-growing database of must-haves in one easy-to-find place.

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