The Team

Michael Jones, Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Michael Jones is The Stylish Standout’s founder/editor-in-chief. The intoxicating allure of fashion and journalism has captivated Michael since he was a youngin’, and he’s parlayed his passion into a full-time freelance fashion assistant gig at Lucky magazine. When he’s not behind the scenes steering The Stylish Standout’s ship and reminding his team that “good is the enemy of great,” you can find Michael at Barnes & Noble buying handfuls of magazines, adding ankle-grazing skinny pants to his online shopping cart, or in line at Starbucks ordering a Passion Tea Lemonade with two pumps of raspberry sweetener. Michael is a born-and-raised Texan who is currently based in New York City. Keep in touch with Michael on Twitter at @MikeTheStandout.

Christine Cauthen, Creative Director

Christine Cauthen, who serves as editorial director of The Stylish Standout, loves words so much that during childhood she was collecting journals and writing short stories and vivid accounts of her everyday life. She dabbled in poetry, creative writing and correcting grammar mistakes (much to the dismay of those around her) until it clicked that the life of a journalist was the life for her (an idolization of Rory Gilmore didn’t hurt in her decision). She took her determination four hours from her hometown of Carbondale, Il to the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Those experiences have led her to decide to pursue a degree in magazine editing, which she recently earned. Though big changes are headed Christine’s way, some things will never change: Her love of plus-sized-fashion blogs, Moleskine journals (an upgrade from her childhood collections), music, to-do lists, a new bag of Ulta products, stingrays, Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing lotion and spending as much time as possible with her family. Keep in touch with Christine on Twitter @Cccchristine21.

Sydne Hayman, Senior Editor

Syd Hayman is The Stylish Standout’s other senior editor and has carried her love for beauty, culture and entertainment from her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas to her college town of Columbia, Missouri. For the past four years, Syd has tackled community reporting, lifestyle writing, digital management and more. She’s a proud recipient of a bachelor’s degree in Magazine Publishing and Management from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Until then, she’ll be doing her usual routine of hunting down new products to add to her makeup bag, writing screenplays, fluffing her ‘fro and keeping her iPhone from reminding her that her storage is almost full. Syd can also be found learning more about feminism, being a little too excited about horror movies and resisting the urge to randomly engage in song and dance. As a millennial woman, Syd is a little unsure of where the next few years could take her. But as long as she keeps stylishly standing out, she’s sure to continue to make her mark. Keep in touch with Syd on Twitter @TheSydRichi.

Rebecca Patton, Senior Editor

Rebecca was born in Charlotte, N.C., grew up in Papua New Guinea, went to college in Kentucky and now lives in New York City. She recently graduated from both Asbury University, where she majored in both creative writing and journalism, and the New York University Summer Publishing Institute, where she focused on magazine publishing. Rebecca loves thrift shopping, watching YouTube videos where two baby animals become friends, voraciously following “Saturday Night Live,” quoting “Nacho Libre,” wearing pointed flats and compiling the mammoth that is her aspirational Pinterest wardrobe. You can often find Rebecca getting lost in the NYC subway, reading “Game of Thrones” on her Kindle or eating some form of potatoes. You can follow Rebecca on Twitter @BeccaHeartsTea.

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